Our Story

How it all started...

Great ministries are not formed solely as a result of prolific ideas and plans.
They are born through the Spirit of God who breathes life into a people called to affect change and impact the world. Every church experiences a birthing. Every ministry has a story. This is our history – the story of the Apostolic Church of God 7th Day- now Grace International Ministries Apostolic.

The year was 1977... 

The year was 1977.  The Church of God 7th Day had its roots planted in several areas in the Greater New York region. 

However, the borough of Queens was unchartered territory with no established church there.  Evangelist Roy G. Millwood ,Sister Hortense Millwood ,along with Sister Suzette Burgess, were inspired with a vision to begin a work in the Queens area. 

After much consideration and deliberation, Evangelist Roy and Sister Hortense Millwood accepted the call to serve as the leaders and founders of the Church of God of the Apostolic Faith 7th Day.

The church continues to Grow🌱

On June 11, 1983, seven years after the vision was given to Sister Burgess, the Church of God of the Apostolic Faith 7th Day held its inaugural service in the basement of Sister Burgess’ home which was in the Springfield Gardens section of Queens.
The founding members were: Evangelist Roy Millwood, Sister Hortense Millwood, Sister Suzette Burgess, Deacon Roman Thompson, Mother Daphne Thompson, John Millwood, and Andrew Millwood. It took seven years for the vision of this new ministry to come to pass, and God used seven individuals to blaze a trail of worship and the word that many others would tread on in the years to follow.

On July 4, 1983, Pastor Watford of the Nazarene Church of God 7th Day ordained Evangelist Roy Millwood to the office of Pastor, giving him the charge to diligently lead the church as a father, shepherd, and guide.

As a result of the faithful giving and fundraising efforts of the church, Pastor Millwood and the Board of the Church of God of the Apostolic Faith 7th Day were able to secure its first property located at 200-19 Hollis Avenue  St. Albans Queens.
In November 1999 our beloved founder went home to be with the Lord . Saddened, but not broken, the church moved on in victory and power with a newly ordained Pastor John O. Millwood along with Evangelist Hortense Millwood to carry on the work of the ministry.

Since that time, God has raised up awesome men and women to serve as leaders in the church. Since 2002, several individuals have been ordained and appointed to ministry: Pastor Linden Millwood, Pastor Peter Philippe, and many other faithful servants.

The marathon continues

In 2017 Apostolic was blessed to purchase its current building located at 825 W. Merrick rd  located in Valley Stream New York

The new vision...

God  is doing a new thing.... a vision was given to our senior pastor John Millwood which includes the modification of our original name.
In 2021 our name was officially modified to  Grace International Ministries (Apostolic) GIMA, as our new name reflects our emphasis on God's love and Grace, rather than our denomination.

While we are and will always be Apostolic,  We are excited about out new focus of spreading the good news of the gospel of the Kingdom God.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Saturday as we gather to worship together a 11:00 am .